Monday, September 10, 2007

YES... Still collecting !

They just keep coming and we want to make sure we check every reel and portfolio...

but we're here, alive and well... going through lots of motion ...

If you haven't yet ... it's never too late...


collect team

Friday, August 31, 2007

On your marks!

Alright collect(ers) out there...

Great number of applications already in. We'll be through them this weekend and will reply to all and organize the first part of the schedule.

If you haven't got a reply yet and don't get one by monday... SHOUT!

We'll be checking out reels all the way through the Project... so do keep'em coming...

Stay tuned...

Get set!


collect team

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

On Collecting...

Still receiving lots of emails from artists that want to contribute. It's been great to see all those talented artist's works.

And we've been getting a few questions about technical specs of the project and it's time we released a few more details.

- The project will start... soon! As said we are still going through all the portfolios and links we are receiving. We'll start shortly to contact the artists to learn when they are available to work on their segment and then set up a calendar.

- The 5-second constraint was chosen so that we can get a good number of people working on the project and keep the length of the animation reasonable. Another reason for it is that a requirement for longer segments might scare all those extremely busy animators.

- Tech Specs - As mentioned on the project presentation, all animators will receive details on tech specs with the Collect Folder and we'll be available at all times to work out issues they may have. No need to worry we'll be your tech support to make sure it all works out.

- Music ! Feel free to add sound FXs to your piece, even a short score. At the end it will all go through mixing but we'll keep the sounds you guys used.

We are working hard here and will keep you posted on the progress. Keep checking back and when the project starts we'll have content about those contributing.

Let's have fun and create,


collect team

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Keep up !

To our joy and surprise we've been getting lots of emails(!) which means lots of work.

We've been going through all of it... really beautiful work !!! Keep'em coming.


collect team

ps: Welcome Feed visitors, and thanks for helping spread the word.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Now Collecting...

Welcome visitors from NoFatClips, Motionographer, Cpluv and all others ...
and thank you guys for helping us spread the word...

Special thanks: DEK, THANKS !!!!

Let's get this going !!! If you wanna be a part of it, drop us a line, send us a link to your stuff and we'll get back to you guys...


collect team

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Collect Project. An Open Source Animation Project.

Collect Project is a collective world wide "open source" animation project meaning we'll collectively work on a short animation film. We aim to have all the greatest motion graphic artists throughout the world contribute to a single animation film. As a result, we'll have a piece that shows the cutting edge of motion graphics. Every artist will be granted creative freedom to work on his/her part of the film, choosing whether to use elements from the others or not. By also making this an "open source" project ( i.e. having the collect files folder being sent from one to another) , all involved will get a chance to take a look at each other's workflow, project structure and file organization system, as well as using each other's elements on their own part of the animation. This enriches the project by making it also a learning experience for all.


A single After Effects file will be sent out through the web to the artists in a certain order. Each will be given 5 seconds of screen time to "show off" his/her work. When the artist is done, a " Collect Files" folder will be saved and uploaded to an FTP and then a link for download will be sent to the next. All files used will be kept on the Collect folder and may be used by other artists. Also, the last second of the previous animation may be altered for transition into the next five-second segment.


Not really. The idea is to grant unlimited creative freedom to all artists and compile a library of creativity, visuals and techniques that motion graphic artists are coming up with all around the world. We'll just send out a few technical specifications with the folder to try and keep software versions, codecs and so on , to the industry standards. There are no limitations in regard of tools used. Any software, any technique, film, video, 3d, hand drawings, anything as long as the final composite is an After Effects Collect files folder.

What's the point?
Well... that can get philosophical, but the very nature of motion graphics as an art that is referenced and inspired by our surroundings, culture and way of life seems to beg for such a project. If a motion graphics piece is an expression of one's background, what would a world-wide background piece be like? An ad hoc snapshot of motion graphics in the world? That's what's become possible with the Web and the whole point of such a project. A unique opportunity to work on a project with top artists from all over the globe.

There is no exact time frame for the project to go on, but we intend to have it done within a year. Having it done means to have about 50 different artists/studios contribute, adding up to about 4-5 minute film. Though, nothing stops us from keeping on as long as great artists want to contribute. Although, artists won't be imposed a deadline we hope to get one segment of 5 seconds done every week. Allowing about 52 artists to contribute over a year.

Then what?

While the project is going on a blog will be updated with all the details of what's been produced. Stills , videos, texts from the artists and links to their work and web pages will be made available as the project progresses. When the film is done, both the final render and final collect files folder will be made available online and sent to animation festivals all around the world. Every artist will be credited.

The project has the potential of not only producing a unique and original piece of art but also the success of bringing people together from the whole motion graphics community. It will promote integration and learning throughout the whole project for those directly involved and those interested in keeping up and contributing to the blog.